I deliver change by applying
creative thinking to proven practice

What They Say

"We would not have got there without your determination, professional ability and sheer hard work. A crucial programme, brilliantly delivered."

"Nick led one of the industry’s largest change programmes, which was truly transformational. I would highly recommend Nick as a leader of change."

"I have huge respect for his versatile skills and experience that span strategy & vision and cultural & operational change."

"I admire his relentless drive and enthusiasm to deliver change. His inspirational leadership brings out the best in external partners as well as internal teams."

"This was a demanding role as negotiator, mediator, deliverer, and stakeholder manager. His resilience, determination and vast range of skills got us over the line."

"Nick opened our eyes to the opportunities for a growth strategy in a digital world, using a balance of visioning the future and sensible risk management."